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House photo & Enigma

Sorry the other thing-y didn't quite work. Let's try this. Plug in "4652 w 64th" into the address field. And you should get a satellite photo of our house. You can zoom in on it a bit, not that it shows much.

Here's an inaccurate map. The little star should be just to the right of the pale alley that's just to the right of La Brea. Note that the end of the pale alley that's to the left of La Brea is the one that runs past Amy & Brian's house, I think. (And her parents, I think, are a block north of the new house).
I can already hear Aaron saying multilocation MesoCon. Robert has already talked about running the Star Trek live game again. Chun has already asked to reserve the house for Starship II, though I think the amount of space we have is only enough to run Space Capsule II. Friends... what would we do without them?
People are asking if the house is good for live games. It's pretty small, but I must admit that when I went in the back yard and looked at the dark space behind the garage, I said to myself, 'This is where I would lure people in order to kill them.'

I went to Enigma last night, since a reporter from the Bruin was there to interview people and take pictures for an article about the club. She'd emailed me, and she may use some pictures I've taken at live games. If the blog pirate is around, he maybe should send her some photos from Spirited Away. I was going to mention the importance of Robert's legs to the club (especially since Robert was wearing shorts) but after the reporter asked him how old he was, I didn't have the heart.
There were still many young'uns there at the club, so we haven't lost them all yet. Robert and I were the only Old Ones in attendance, and there were still 20+ people there. Saw chibi_neko there, smiling a great deal.
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