No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Lovecraft essay on astrology - on Ebay

34 page handwritten dissertation on astrology, written primarily on the back of correspondence received BY Lovecraft. Apparently in HPL's hand, delivered to Houdini, who has signed it.

I'm not an expert on HPL's handwriting and the images aren't great, but it sure looks like his, and the "The End. Thank gawd." is very HPLish.

A remarkable discovery - I hope it winds up someplace where it is published. This presumably is the article on astrology that HPL (and CM Eddy?) ghostwrote for Houdini's planned(?) _The Cancer of Superstition_. According to Joshi, "This article has not come to light; but perhaps it supplied the nucleus for what was apparently to be a full-length polemic against superstitions of all sorts." HPL was paid $75 for the article on astrology.
Tags: ebay, lovecraft

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