No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Fatal Revenant - Now We Are Sick - Ebay Fail

I finished Donaldson's second installment in the Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant. (Here's my take on book 1)

I was a little disappointed. The pace is glacial; the mysteries remain mysterious. The book is just not very satisfying. On the bright side, Donaldson has, as usual, taught me a few more obscure words (e.g. surquedry).

Also finished Now We Are Sick, an anthology of gruesomely childish or childishly gruesome poems from genre authors. Many of these authors should stick to prose. Plenty of stinkers and ho-hums, and a smattering of good ones. The sole outstanding poem in the mix is Alan Moore's "The Children's Hour". I won my copy on ebay from aaronjv; I can see why he could part with it, though it does contain scribbled notes about a pitch meeting.

On the Ebay fail side, I didn't win the HPL astrology material. I was even part of a tiny syndicate that formed to pool resources to get it, but that failed too. It went for $5,355, a price that strikes me as both 'a bargain in absolute terms' and 'way more than I could justify spending'. And now that ebay anonymizes winners, I don't know whom to mug.
Tags: book, ebay, lovecraft, poetry

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