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The dangers of increasing mass

Researchers comparing the current Joy of Cooking to its 1936 first edition discovered that "The average calories per serving increased for 17 of 18 recipes and were influenced by both changes in ingredients and changes in serving size. The resulting increase by 168.8 calories difference (from 268.1±57.7 to 436.9 ± 77.8 calories) representing a 63.0% percent increase (P < .001) in calories per serving."

I finished Phil Plait's Death from the Skies! Plait blogs Bad Astronomy, which means he's The Bad Astronomer without (so far as I know) being a bad astronomer. The book details the many ways in which the universe can kill us all, from asteroids and supernovae to the final boring end of the universe. I enjoyed the book, but found it a little frustrating. It told me more than I did know, but not as much as I could know. But that's probably only because I have a physics degree or two and wanted more detail than really ought to be in a popular science book.
If you're a compulsive worrier, you may not want this book.
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