No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Got something you wanna get off your chest?

Toren pointed out Grouphug, a website where people can confess their sins. Some are trite, some are probably phony, some are truly despicable, some are embarrassing, some are funny. Here's a couple. Please remember, none of these are me, thank merciful Cthulhu:

For several weeks before I came out and admitted to myself that I just didn't believe in God anymore, I used to take the eucharist from my mouth, wad it up and stick it under the pew like bubblegum. I only stopped when the priest made an announcement about finding it and I began to worry that I'd get caught.

When I was like 14 I was going through my mom's bedroom drawers and I found some S&M magazines and a huge vibrator, so after that while my folks were out I used to use them. Some day I want to tell my mom that she was using a vibe that had been up my butt.

I feel that after someone says "thank-you" for holding the door open for them, that saying "shut-up" is a proper and best response. People like it.

I used to fold my leg and put the folds of skin together to make it look like it was a pussy, and practiced having oral sex.. with my leg.

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