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Journal of No. 118

October 26th, 2003

Miskatonic University @ 03:22 pm

From the Arkham Courier, October 26th, 1935:

Miskatonic University's Homecoming Bonfire was held last night at Orne Beach amid a thickening fog. Many members of the student body, faculty and administration were on hand to watch the lighting of the bonfire and sing some of the traditional songs of Miskatonic. The festivities were somewhat marred when some illicit incendiary devices were somehow hidden within the bonfire, but the onlookers largely took the explosions and flaming flying debris as an occasion of greater celebration rather than danger.
Dean Davis of the Fine Arts was evidently overcome by the excitement of the evening. He collapsed and was unable to move or speak for a short time, though these faculties gradually returned.
Another curious disruption was the appearance of a large stinging insect, perhaps drawn by the bonfire's flames. It menaced the gathered crowd and delivered a potent sting to Coach Vinich. After receiving some medical attention, the Coach confidently announced that he would attend the game later this morning.
Perhaps the greatest omen in favor of the Whippoorwills was the appearance of a strange luminscence in the crashing waves on Orne Beach. Though seen occasionally in these waters, it is rare enough that the Homecoming Crowd spent some time on the dark Atlantic shore admiring the coruscating streaks of blue phosphorescence that flitted lightly along the surf.

Photos from session 2
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Date:November 7th, 2003 01:20 am (UTC)
Somebody in cargo pants looks, as Abe Lincoln says, "hot."
(works better vocally)

Journal of No. 118