No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Collected observations

The title "Andy Capp" is a pun. A more irrelevant realization I can hardly imagine.

An estate sale is...
NOT a garage sale
NOT a 'high-class' garage sale
NOT when you clean out your storage bin
NOT more than one garage sale put together
An estate sale is when somebody died, and you're selling bits of their estate.

Wurstküche now has Underberg on the menu, not that I offer a recommendation, except as a 'do everything once'.

The manga I picked up as part of the Little Tokyo scavenger hunt was Girls Bravo #2. Once you strip away the fantasy elements and fantasy physiques, the basic plot elements are indistinguishable from Archie comics.

Veronica is way hotter than Betty, but too snobby and high-maintenance for my tastes.
Tags: alcohol, book, food, nostalgia

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