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It was a success. The place was busy, but not packed. Given that dark_of_night and I were the only Yeses on the poll by the time the day rolled around, I was pleased by the turnout. A&K&P&J&LB&B&I&J&T&us

After we parked, we met a Japanese cat-spirit. If his spirit-ness doesn't come through well there, check out the close-up. His fat little body sat there, perfectly upright, with his paws delicately placed on the planter, watching the world go by. Dispensing with chronology, we also saw some not-so-little birdies in their nest on our way out.

I had the green chile, cilantro, chicken/turkey sausage, which was very good, but mild, so that it didn't live up to the onion and hot peppers I topped it with. Dark_of_night had the duck/bacon/jalepeno sausage [which was actually my first choice, but we gotta have different sausages in order to effectively share] and it was magnificent. Magnificent. Mustard was there, but it seemed superfluous.
The Belgian-style double-dipped fries were good, but not as good as I remember Benita's Frites being. Alas! Alackaday! That Benite's Frites are no more. The chipotle ketchup was pretty awesome.
To drink, I had the Aventinus doppelbock, and it did not disappoint. Spicy, fruity and (as all the reviews indicate) surprisingly light tasting for a doppelbock.

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