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Am I a bad person because I internally snicker for a few seconds every time I hear about the plight of the wiggers in China?

dark_of_night came by the office so we could lunch together. We ventured into the Chalet Edelweiss. Dark opted for the Wurstsalat mit Käse, which was very yummy indeed, while I tried the Bratwurst & rösti -- ah, sausage and potatoes...
Our hostess was a friendly Swiss miss, obviously fond of the more-than-occasional sausage, potato and beer. The food was tasty, the Erdinger was vom Fass. The chalet/alpine/biergarten decor walks the line between charming and tacky and mainly stays on the charming side. How can you not love a Matterhorn on Sepulveda? My only negative comment is that the food is a bit pricey.
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