No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Poll results

dark_of_night wins for being the only person out of 26 to choose Juliet. It was indeed the choice chosen by the fewest person.

9 people, more than a third of the sample, thought that Mike would be the least picked response. It was the most popular choice for least popular answer.

Paradoxically(?), Mike was the option that was most picked by those attempting to pick the most picked answer. Kudos to: me, zorker, hagdirt, postgoodism, ladyeuthanasia, dustchick, bellwethr, collenky, jsadler, and karteblanche. I will note that dustchick, collenky and jsadler were clearly hedging their bets by choosing Mike for both options. Either that, or they just like choosing me. Or my name, anyway.

Victor was the least popular most popular choice, with two votes.
Tags: science

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