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The Adventures in Science Fiction Publishing podcast is back in production, and gregvaneekhout was featured on their first show back, talking about the publication of his first novel, Norse Code.
I mention this not only as a public service announcement in a good cause, but in an attempt to win a copy of said novel.

Not that I need to, for this very lunchtime, I hit up the Borders for reading material and picked up a copy. Greg's book was already facing cover out, so I didn't have to rearrange the bookshelves. I intend to take Norse Code along with me on the cruise. And after reading, maybe I'll give it to the nearest Scandinavian person. The decks of the cruiseship are all named after European countries, and there is a Svezia deck, so there must be some Swedes there, right? Or maybe I'll leave it in the library as a BookCrossing book.
Since the cruise starts and stops in Barcelona, I also picked up Zafón's follow up to Shadow of the Wind, The Angel's Game, which is also set in Barcelona. However, I'm not positive I want to lug a hardback around with me. [Hey, I didn't know Zafón has lived in LA for the past 15+ years.]

The last thing of interest I saw at the Howard Hughes Center was a little kid, complete with Harry Potter glasses, school outfit and robes, heading for The Bridge.
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