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Ellie Levenson crows about the first anniversary of her feminist wedding, but I'm largely underwhelmed.

The first feminist thing about our wedding was the nature of the proposal. I do not believe that men have to propose to women

Right on! The man doesn't have to propose. Let's turn convention on its head, and have her propose!

but neither did I feel comfortable proposing myself.

Oh, ok. Well, maybe they can dispense with the whole 'proposal' thing. It's corrosive of true equality.

After many conversations about whether we would get married, and, in fact, after we had provisionally booked our venue, I insisted on a proposal.

Um, so men in general don't have to, but your man does have to. I see. I guess it's like Stan/Loretta's right to have babies in Life of Brian. Your fiance has to propose, but you can still derive great satisfaction from your principled support of his right not to.
OK, OK. It's a sham proposal since the verdict was in, but I still find it hard to think of this as striking a blow for feminism, unless feminism really is all about insisting that men get on their knees when you insist on it. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Asking my dad for my hand in marriage was not going to happen either

My lack-of-gods! Can such radical feminism be allowed to flourish unopposed?

Lots of visitors this weekend.
Chunzelle were very welcome to pizza & absinthe on Friday
Saturday, there were many non-dairy Creamers big and small, along with ian_tiberius over for hamburgers and hotdogs and garden produce and such.
And all weekend long, there were many thousands of unwelcome six-legged visitors. Boo.

Race LA is on two dates: October 3rd AND October 17th (either, not both). It's $170 per team of two (before September 12th). I enjoyed winning the smaller CityRace, so I'm definitely considering it. Any prospective teammates out there?
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