No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Random Flotsam Floating in my head

Saw Quantum of Solace. Pretty mediocre, particularly in comparison with Casino Royale. Nothing very memorable. I thought for sure they were setting things up for the nefarious plan to involve the signficant deposits of lithium in Bolivia. Bolivia has half the world's lithium, and can you imagine the power SPECTRE (ok, Quantum) would hold when treehugging Prius owners (and soonish, the entire world!) would have to come begging to them with fistfuls of money? Mwahahaha! Gouging Bolivians on water prices seems awfully penny-ante in comparison. Bolivia's entire fucking GDP is $13 billion. Blofeld wouldn't pick his own nose for less than $25 billion.

Great article on Affinity Fraud: "Such cons prey on like-minded or culturally connected investors whose trust blinds them to the implausible in the pursuit of profit."
So I'm keeping my eye out for nerds trying to sell me gold.
Tags: film, money

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