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Journal of No. 118

September 3rd, 2009

Playstation Network: The Tester @ 06:50 pm


"Our lucky winner will earn a contract position at Sony Computer Entertainment's Quality Assurance department in San Diego, CA"

Jeez, what's second prize? A poke in the eye?
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Date:September 4th, 2009 02:56 pm (UTC)
It's produced by the * of Love people. I don't expect them to understand anything about the world other than how to make shallow people angry at each other.
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Date:September 4th, 2009 06:04 pm (UTC)
I just want to see the conversation that happens in the test room after the lucky winner arrives for his job:

Winner: "Hi guys! Wow, I am so lucky. I'm a game tester now because I won first place on a reality show! Say, how'd you get to be a game tester?"

Tester 1: "Uh, I dropped out of college."
Tester 2: "They weren't hiring at GameStop in the mall."
Tester 3: "I'm actually quitting. I made a lot more money and better hours as a bartender."

(3rd tester taken directly from the comments of one of my testers up north.)

Journal of No. 118