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I'm forbidden from posting in the science forum on the Christian website, but after a long absence, I've started reading it again. Someone asks When did the dinosaurs go extinct?
Many of the answers are illuminating, but my favorites are from tsnody2001:

who says (or can prove) that dinosaurs are extinct?
Do you have an intimate knowledge of every place on this planet? Does anyone? Here is another question... have there not been hundreds of reports around the world of creatures that are reported to resemble at least what looks like certain dinosaurs?
I do not claim to hold all the evidence for creation, but you guys will accept NOTHING as possible evidence against evolution, will you? Even if the evidence completely shatters the theories predictions.

#1: Living dinosaurs present no difficulty for evolution. Evolution does not predict that dinosaurs will all die.
#2: Seriously? 'Reports' of dinosaurs are the evidence that science won't accept? Sounds like everything's working as it should.
#3: Apostrophes are your friend.
Tags: insanity, religion, science

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