No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Test your Religious Prejudice

Harvard's Project Implicit offers an Implicit Association Test on Religion. If you've haven't seen these tests before, they ask you to discriminate between positive and negative words and words relating to one of four religions. A particular task might be to press one key for either positive words or words related to Judaism, and to press a different key for negative words and words NOT related to Judaism (ahem, like "Jesus"). After some mumbo-jumbo relating presumably to reaction time, the test purports to reveal your biases. My Implicit Preference Scale runs on a vertical axis. Religions I prefer are toward the top, ones I hate are toward the bottom. You can't actually see the ends of this scale, since they are off the screen about equal amounts in both directions. So it looks to me like I don't really care much either way. [Sorry about that low ranking, Apu, but I bet the margin of error really means they are indistinguishable.]

Tags: religion, science

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