No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

More Nostalgia Ahoy

Had a good visit with mom for our shared birthday. Chit chat and a lunch outing to El Torito Grill. Their cats find presents wrapped with bows even more inviting than I do.

I came away with some albums and a scrapbook for more scanning. There is a lot of weird stuff in the scrapbook. Apart from my previous entry, there were a couple other things worth scanning:

If you enjoyed the Big Book of British Smiles, then you'll love my before and after orthodontia photos.

Me in marching band.

An unpublished poem from my ALL CAPS period.

My first publication as a journalist.

Blonde mini-me.

For my next trick, I will maybe transcribe some of the other things for posterity.
Tags: bio, nostalgia, photo

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