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assorted update

Got an awesome Hallow-versary care package from Dr. Pookie's sister.

Grilled some TJ's chipotle flatiron steak; turned out great, if not very chipotle-y.

Rock Banded at Kevin's with new Queen & Beatles downloads. And there were a couple nice interludes of just chilling and chatting with friends.

A whirlwind Sunday that included an all-too-brief visit to the bebbe shower for zorker & postgoodism, with more friends in attendance.

I finished Resident Evil 5. Lots of good zombie shooting, lots of annoying boss-battles. Some have claimed that it's racist; I think it skates close to the edge on that, but I think it's certainly guilty of strangely imperialist attitudes. I mean, okay... the African natives have been infected by zombie-ism [by Westerners]. That's sad, and you really have no choice but to shoot lots of African zombies, because there's no live-and-let-live with zombies. But I think it adds insult to the matter when you loot their village of all its ceremonial artifacts. Sure, they're the walking dead -- they have no use for their golden idol anymore, but is that sufficient reason to loot it, sell it on the black market and buy grenades with the money?
They made one of the main characters black (well, as black as Halle Berry, anyway) to try to take the curse off things, but they may have pissed away whatever goodwill their tokenism could have produced by giving her an unlockable tribal outfit. Racist? Sexist? So much to choose from. Fortunately, sexism is acceptable in video games.

Norm Levitt, one of the authors of Higher Superstition, passed away recently. But not before he wrote a review of Patricia Fara's book on the history of science. Judging from the scathing review, it may have been this book that gave him a heart attack.
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