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Stocks and Cuffs

O frabjous day on the stock market! I'd like to send a particular shout out to AMSC for its amazing performance today: +6.50 (+22.54%)

And now a funny news story. Or is it?

According to a sheriff's report, Hubbard was stopped by Sgt. George Maddox at 12:49 a.m. Wednesday when she made a left turn at Old Daytona Road and Woodland Boulevard. When the deputy contacted Hubbard, she immediately became "belligerent and unruly" toward Maddox, according to the report.

ok, not too funny.

While the deputy ran a check on Hubbard, she made several verbal threats while banging her head on the divider of the patrol car, the report stated.

Not very funny.

Hubbard continued to call Maddox, who is black, racially derogatory names

Not cool.

and spat on the sergeant's left leg and the stomach area of his uniform

That's nasty.

telling the deputy that "her father was a member of the KKK" and "You will get yours," the report said.

Oh no she din't.

Hubbard also purposely urinated in the back of the car, the report said.

OK, that's sick... but maybe a little funny.

A parrot was removed from Hubbard's car, the report said.


link (with bonus funny mug shot of a racist bitch)
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