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Musical Notes

I've been listening to the soundtrack compiled for the unnamed zorker & postgoodism collaboration. Plenty of good nostalgia there.

I suppose swmartin's choice of HR Pufnstuf was inevitable. We should just be thankful he didn't go for the Bugaloos. I know I watched HRP when I was tiny, but it's all locked up in some inaccessible part of my hindbrain: Witchiepoo and talking flutes... I'm not sure it made sense to me then, and listening to the theme song, it definitely doesn't make sense to me now.

I thought I liked Music Box Dancer, but perhaps it was just the contrast between it and disco. Those drippy strings just kill it [and despite the liner notes, I think that is the Frank Mills original].

"The Cat Came Back" may not be great art, but I must respect a song that includes 'trinitrotoluol' in the lyrics. And it's good to see/hear Rowlf's versatility, playing an instrument other than the piano.

I prefer Glenn Miller's "Chattanooga Choo Choo," but Bill Haley's rockabilly cover from '54 is pretty cool. Oh, and hit the link to find out how CCC helped bring down the Berlin Wall.

Wow, I still love "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy"; I don't know if Ian's nostalgia matches mine, but I was introduced to the song in Abbott & Costello's Buck Privates. This was back in the day when the two or three non-network channels on the air would show Three Stooges and A&C and WB cartoons... the solid foundation of my cultural literacy. Probably with the bajillion cable channels, kids today can watch Laff-a-Lympics or Scrappy Doo, but should they? Well, it's probably better than The Magic Glittery Skanky Fairy Show. Anyway, this song started my interest in Big Band. BWBB was nominated for the 1941 Best Song Oscar, losing to "The Last Time I Saw Paris," a song so inferior that it has no Wikipedia page. (Oh, and just for the hell of it, here's a mashup of BWBB and its derivative Candyman.)

Bing Crosby brings his inimitable stylings to two songs. His inimitable styling drives me bonkers. Bing may have made "Mexicali Rose" a hit, but Gene Autry did it better. As for "When Irish Eyes are Smiling," I prefer any version that is not sung by Bing Crosby, including this.
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