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Urban Dictionary Meme

Go to Urban Dictionary and look up your real answers to find the crazy answers!

Your name?
a. To do something incredibly stupid. To be retarded and look like an idiot at something.
b. A gay prostitute who looks like a gorilla, usually found selling for a few bucks around high schools
c. The most amazing boy in the world. He is quiet around the masses but he opens up around the one he loves. He is extraordinarily protective in the best of ways. Mike can and will make you laugh harder than anyone else. He is the most adorable, cute, nice, sweet, kind, generous, loving, caring, genuine, funny, considerate, awesome person I have ever met. Every moment of my life would be better if I could spend it with him. I could talk to him all day long and we’d never run out of things to say. His smile can make my day; even if it’s from across the room. I love him more than the sun, I need him more than breath it’s self. I can’t imagine my life without him; it scares me more than anything. I will spend the rest of my life in his arms.

Your age?
a. the money equivalent to a gram of cocaine that you would purchase from your local drug dealer. And it comes in a little baggie.
b. What you drink when you wanna get but all the money you have was change found in your couch and/or car.
c. The minimum age to be called an old person.

One of your friends?
a. the only name that can be spelled through 5 months of the year.
b. guy I REALLY want to fuck.
c. A guy that is so god-like you cant even stare at him to long without your retinas burning.

What should you be doing?
a. Killing
b. The only sport women should be allowed to play.
c. Haveing fun with ur partner in a sexual manner.

Favorite color?
a. Irrefutably the best color in the world. End of story, period. This period signifies the end >.
b. Referring to something of the sketchy variety or to a sexual scene.
c. A drink made of Cream soda, codeine, and jolly ranchers. Makes you high and slow feeling. Like a turtle.

a. best city in the world. surrounded by all the ghettos but is standing strong. where so many movies including "Terminator" were filmed.
b. The Mexican-Beverly Hills of Los Angeles.
c. home to the snobbiest, racist, conservative people on the face of the planet. It's where the phrase "where the high class meets the ghetto ass" is literal.

Month of your birth?
a. A wonderful month when the air smells sweet and the weather is perfect for the girls where to tight little sweaters that show off their curves.
b. The month that babies made during drunk christmas times are born.
c. One of the greatest songs by Earth Wind and Fire.

Last person you talked to?
a. a name given to girls in the Greco-Romanic period of Siberia. Derives from the Anglo-Saxon word, Rebka, literally translated as "one who is simply much too hot for definition, and in all aspects of her body."
b. The most intelligent and stunning girl on the planet.
c. Paying a sum of money at a strip club for a stripper to sit next to you and engage you in conversation.

One of your nicknames?
a. the standard dating system used in space.
b. The best skate shoes ever made. 100000000000000000000000...........x better than any other shoes.
c. A hard drug, but I don't know precisely which one, probably speed.
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