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Could someone BE more wrong?

U.S. Christian Right Activists Pushing Death Penalty for Homosexuals in Uganda

Nasty as the whole matter is, the headline seems to go a little further than the evidence in the article. Nevertheless, I was struck by this sentence: "Not having more children is one of the things that they [the US based speakers] said are going wrong." Uganda is in the top ten countries by fertility rate [ok, it's #10, but still] and is characterized by widespread food insecurity and famine. I really don't think more babies is the answer to Uganda's problems, despite the fact that they can be used to support the local economy through organ trafficking and propitiatory sacrifice.
It's also touching to see that part of the animus against homosexuality is that it represents a potential threat to the subjugation of women.
Tags: anger, insanity, politics, religion, straightbutnotnarrow

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