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Journal of No. 118

November 30th, 2009

Teatro Grottesco @ 10:22 am

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O the wailing and gnashing of teeth that will ensue when friends and relatives receive our holiday cards so early in the season! We blanket the world in dismay and envy! Mwahahaha!

Speaking of mind-numbing horror, I finished reading Ligotti's Teatro Grotesco, a collection of his distinctive short stories, like dreams or urban legends from some region just over the border. Fantastic and evocative stuff, but sometimes I wish he'd dial it back to 10 from 11. Then again, maybe if they made even a smidgen more sense they wouldn't be what they are. I like his work a lot, even if I wind up scratching my head in abject befuddlement afterwards. I may even have generated a [not too derivative] story idea, though I doubt I can ape Ligotti well enough to execute it successfully.
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Journal of No. 118