No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

How Nostradamus predicted the 80's New Wave or something like that


Quand l’escriture D.M.trouuee,
Et caue antique lampe descouuerte,
Loy, Roy,& Prince Vlpian esprouuee,
Pauillon Royne & Duc sous la couuerte.

When the inscription D.M. is found
in the ancient cave, revealed by a lamp.
Law, the King and Prince Ulpian tried,
the Queen and Duke in the pavilion under cover.

The D.M. stands for Depeche Mode.....They are singing “ENJOY THE SILENCE” on TOP of the WORLD TRADE CENTER...

The word TRAGEDY literally means “GOAT SONG”. tragis oide: “goat song”; perhaps the derivation of the word “tragedy” (were goats awarded as prizes? does this refer to the ritualistic slaughter of the sacrificial animal? the scream that the goat makes when slaughtered?)


Now what does the WORD “TRAGEDY” mean......."GOAT SONG” .......STRANGE…

and now notice BUSH is reading about a GOAT ****EXACTLY**** as the WTC burns
Tags: insanity, skepticism

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