No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Three things or so

Egad, the new Chase ATM just eats checks without an envelope. It eats them in a stack and scans and reads them individually. Is this the future? I have no flying car, but my ATM frightens me.

Sunday, we finished off our weekend with a visit from Becca's twin, with hubby and son in tow. Zach is about to turn 3 and he's much more of a person than the last time we saw him. Likes: throwing fruit, water hoses, chasing cats, airplanes, flashlights. Dislikes: food, having airplanes taken from him. He seems to like me, at least enough to lead me by the hand as he set off on his many quests to "find more cats". He has also mastered the art of tugging on heartstrings by, on leave-taking, saying, "I'll miss you."
We did more BBQing; with Dr. Pookie's help, I grilled the tri-tip to perfection for everyone's enjoyment (except Zach, who subsists on pediasure and juice).

I finished Martin Gardner's When you were a Tadpole, and I was a Fish, a collection of assorted essays. The title line is from Langdon Smith's peculiar poem "Evolution", the only poetic work of his known. It almost certainly inspired the much briefer song by Julie Andrews on the Muppet Show (around 6:00).
Anyway, the book touches on a lot of interesting little areas, from this poem by a one-hit wonder, to the Oz books, to the pre-internet flamewar between HG Wells and Hilaire Belloc. More serious essays cover why Gardner is not a paranormalist and why Gardner is not an atheist. All entertaining reads covering the broad range of his interests.
Tags: atheism, bio, book, money, religion

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