No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Got a fishy postcard from Australia from talentlessclod.
Saw the Extended Two Towers at Kevin's on Saturday. They could easily have kept all the good stuff in, if they had cut Aragorn's stupid fake-out death and its attendant froo-froo.
Most of Sunday was spent with Kleenex, football and beer.
Spent some time Sunday night being vampiric in Hollywood. Apparently, the Pig N Whistle don't serve our kind, so we moved on. I almost ordered garlic bread at Miceli's just to see the other Kindred's reactions.
Oh yeah, driving over, I must have caught a hangnail or something. When we got to the Pig n Whistle, I looked down and my fingers were covered in blood. I can't imagine how I didn't notice it before then. There was blood between my fingers (sorta stickin' 'em together) and covering the nails of two fingers and smeared on the back of the other hand, and probably all over my clothes. I figure my character must have fed recently and was so full of blood like a swollen tick that it was leaking out.

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