No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

$ Club

An abortive $ club meeting was held at Copa d'Oro in Santa Monica. Since we had no quorum, we could not jump castlekevorah into the club, and I slipped my knurled truncheon into a coat pocket. But on the plus side, we got to enjoy the end of happy hour.
It's more a bar than a restaurant (complete with vestigial bouncer) but the ham and cheese panini was quite good and the Ward 8 was excellent, and the happy hour prices were phenomenal ($5 cocktail and $6 sandwich - Kev's PB&J was $4). Though the Ward 8 commemorates a political victory in Massachusetts (ahem), I prefer to think that it's related to one of my favorite books on lunatic asylums in the early 20th century, written by "Inmate, Ward 8".
Kev's Clover Club cocktail was tasty, but a little too heavy on the raspberry, which would probably float the Goth Gardener's boat.
The place has a great feel, but a little on the noisy and crowded side. Nevertheless, the lure of happy hour may bring me back from time to time. I do have a desire to test out their version of Charles Vexenat's Judgment Day.
Tags: absinthe, alcohol, food, la

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