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First half of the 4 day weekend

Thanksgiving morning, we took a little walk down along Ballona Creek for a ways. A few holiday-cheer-filled joggers and bikers, mostly in the 60-80 age range. There were lots of birds trying to make a living out of a big concrete channel. Gulls of course, but also dozens of ducks, and a couple white herons as well. The 'random' album on Printroom has a nice picture of the reflection off the water.
Late morning was spent chopping vegetables to take to Thanksgiving. Drove to Dad's and had a festive time there. A good meal and some good conversation. Dad's birthday was the 26th, so we had cake as well. I brought along a bottle of The Glenlivet for his birthday.
We took a hike up to Grizzly Flats this morning. Not a hike we'll ever need to do again, I think. The trail was poorly marked. Much of it was so overgrown that you had to push your way through the scratchy branches that encroached on both sides.
The trail crossed the creek a few times and then headed up the steep hillside. Lots of switchbacks take you up, and the views were not quite as good as one would hope, given the effort that was going into it.
Finally, you reach your destination, Grizzly Flats, and wonder -- Is that it? I climbed up a mountain to discover the amazing fact that it gets flat at the top, before heading back down again? Anyway, Grizzly Flats gets its name from the bears that once lived in the area. Of course, the last grizzly in California was shot in 1916. After a big fire some decades ago, the Forest Service planted pine trees on top of Grizzly Flats, and they are quite tall now.
On the plus side, there was a great variety of plant life, ranging from poison oak to spiny Yucca plants to grotesque parasitic plants. No really, there were handsome manzanitas and a few maples and other trees with some authentic fall color and weird little parasitic 'tree urchins' perched in other plants.
But the best reason not to go back to Grizzly Flats is because those spiny yucca fronds have now tasted human blood. They get a taste for it, you know.
We'll be meeting the fat lazy bastard tomorrow morning, and signing some loan documents; hopefully, the final stretch will get started right away on Monday.
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