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Look at all the privates in Dan Savage's Army

Dan asked his readers to write to some of the school officials involved in the prom debacle.

Dear Superintendent McNeese,

I hope you make a good faith effort to reconsider the decision to cancel the prom at one of your schools. I understand that the potential participation of a lesbian couple was considered a 'distraction,' but that must be nothing compared to the distraction of being the focus of national news and a lawsuit. Consider also the position of the young woman in question, who is probably now considered, rightly or wrongly, the *cause* of the cancellation of prom.
Now that the actions of the school board have created an even bigger distraction, the fastest and easiest way for everything to go back to as normal as possible is to reinstate the prom.
Suppose the girl in question arrived at the prom with a boy. Would that change the situation in any way? By this point, everyone in the country is aware of her sexual orientation. If you feel the rest of the student body needs to be protected from that knowledge, it is far too late. That cat is now out of the bag.
And if the concern is about the girl 'doing something' with her partner at the prom, I should hope that the chaperones would prevent anything too shocking from occurring, regardless of the genders of the people involved.

Public schools and their functions are not for only some, but for all. We cannot choose to divide the 'us' from the 'them'. It would be a sad world where a school decides to cancel an event in order to prevent one of 'them' from having fun. 'They' are all us, the American people.

Please bring back the prom for everyone.

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