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Happy Saint Patrick's Day! My Wikipedia factoid for the day takes us to one of the few places outside Ireland where Saint Patrick's day is an official government holiday. That's right, kids! The Caribbean island of Montserrat! Originally inhabited by Caribs and Arawak, Irish settlers came from nearby Nevis in 1632, fleeing anti-Catholic violence. In 1768, an African slave revolt was organized, with the nearly foolproof plan of attacking the Irish masters on Saint Patrick's Day, when they would all be too drunk to fight back. Sadly, loose lips sink slave revolts, and it was quashed. In 1832, slavery was abolished, and the island is now 95% black, though many have adopted Irish surnames, and the Saint Patrick's Day celebrations help to demonstrate that "There are no hard feelings between the cultures." You can't really visit the capital city of Plymouth, because it has been eaten by an angry volcano.

The Wolverine origins movie was adequate.

In begging mode, PBS has been showing footage from the TAMI Show, shot at Santa Monica Civic Auditorium in 1964. It's just now been released on DVD, and apart from being shown on Canadian TV 25 years ago, it hasn't really been available except as bootlegs. My man James Brown steals the show. I watched the whole show Sunday. Last night, I just made sure to watch James Brown. It's also awesome to spot Teri Garr as a dancer behind Diana Ross.

Anyway, this, my friends, is the hardest working man in show business.
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