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We hosted a little dinner party Friday night with some friends - the lasagna was great and the magnum only scratched the surface of the wine consumption. Conversation was far ranging and after the vino came some uncomfortable veritas relating to the interactions among various featherless bipeds.

Saturday was the meeting with the taxdude, which brought its own unpleasant realities. A few more years of this and I'll be voting Palin.

NYT tackles homosexual behavior in animals in a lengthy article, which is refreshingly clear about the is/ought aspect of how applicable animal behavior is to human morality. In my original rant, I characterized the antiscientist reaction to certain facts as "Gay Penguins!?! LALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!" The NYT article mentions that the book And Tango Makes Three has topped the ALA's list of most challenged books (i.e. efforts to ban) three years running.
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