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Prime in LA - Mother London by Michael Moorcock

notjenschiz is in town, so I dropped in for socializing and Texas holdem chez rizwank. Bino was my bane. Early on, he went all in, and took most of my money. I slowly worked my way back into positive territory. I went all in twice, tripling and doubling up. As tomorrow approached, I played a little too fast and loose and my third attempt at going all in was thwarted by Bino's flush. I still don't much care for Texas, but I think I came away with a better feel for betting.

I finished reading Moorcock's Mother London, which is difficult to describe. The novel provides loosely linked episodes non-chronologically set in and about London, roughly focusing on the Blitz and the postwar years through to the beginnings of Thatcher's England, as seen through the eyes of three mental patients -- who have some slightly paranormal abilities, though this is not particularly a focus of the novel -- whose lives are linked with the Blitz a bit more closely that the average Londoner's. Nary an Eternal Champion or singing demon-blade in sight (more's the pity). I think I would appreciate the book more if I had lived in London through that period, but that not being the case, I found it hard to get into, particularly given the disconnected nature of the narrative. Though there are many individual scenes that sparkle, I think this is only a must for the London-philes.
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