No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
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Crazy plan X - discuss

California tax revenues 2009-2010 (see figure 8):

personal taxes $47B
corporate taxes $8B
sales taxes $26B

Pertinent facts:
Sales tax in my hood is a ridiculous 10.25%.
Sales taxes are regressive.
I chortle with glee when I order something on Amazon and pay no sales tax. Even if I had to pay for shipping (which I never do!) it can still be cheaper than paying sales tax. Of course, I always send a big check to Sacramento to cover all my online purchases every year!

Eliminate sales tax and increase income and corporate taxes.

Positive(?) Effects:
more progressive tax
encourages consumption of California goods and services
eliminates online tax loophole
pleasant shock at cash registers everywhere

Negative(?) Effects:
rich people whining
horrifying shock on paychecks everywhere
some people are unable to calculate tips
Tags: money, politics
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