No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118


NNNgahhh! I just spent fifteen minutes correcting some stupid formatting in Word. First, a mysterious blank page 0 appeared in my report between the Table of Contents and the first page of the report. It wasn't there before, but now it was. And it wouldna go awae!
There was a page break on page 0, but when I would delete it, the formatted headers and footers totally disappeared throughout the rest of the document.
I finally got rid of the blank page, but now the report started on page 0. Surely it must be a simple thing to reformat the page numbers?
It would be simple if only you lived on planet Microsoft, a strange Bizarro-world where the format page number command is found within the insert page number command.
I swear I'm gonna take that perky little paper-clip guy and twist him into a pretzel.
Tags: anger

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