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Maxicon is still going on at popepat's house, but I packed all my Maxiconage into Saturday. All hail Pope Pat.
I ran a mutated version of Casino Arcane. My main personal goal was to get prepared for Casino Arcana at WyrdCon. See what needed to be tweaked (maybe a couple of powers) and to get my eyes retrained to spot Tarot poker hands without staring at them forever.
The added mutation was that the players came as characters, famous wizards from books or other media, and that part of the game was to guess the identity of the other players. Guessing someone's identity gave you 2 spell points, while having your identity guessed gave you 1 spell point, so that you had an incentive to have your secret identity guessed (and to force you to do a little role-playing). I think that worked much better than I feared, and maybe better than I expected, to add a little party-game atmosphere to the proceedings.
Ultimately, Sabrina the Teen Witch (mewatson) wound up with the victory, having defeated Ron Weasley, Dr. Strange, Byron Orpheus, Elminster, and Tellah.

Then Maxicon turned into Dresdencon for me, which is kind of funny since I'm a bit ambivalent about the first two books (but of course everyone keeps telling me that things really get interesting in book 3... or maybe book 5 at the latest). Anyway, Ken ran the new Dresden Files RPG. It's kind of a neat system that has elements that help promote group storytelling. We finished off the character creation, which was sort of a group storytelling excercize -- it took a bit too long for a con game, but was still an interesting process in itself. But there was still enough time to do a little investigation, kick some ass, and save the day.

Finally, Graydon & notjenschiz ran a DresdenLARP. Representatives of the various supernatural factions were coming together to form sort of a UN-style body to help keep the peace. I was a bit out of my element, since the general nature and politics of all the various factions haven't figured much in the first two books of the series, so I threw myself on the mercy of the GMs and wound up with a decent character: a Winter faerie disguised as a Red Court Vampire. Faeries, as it happens, cannot lie, and I racked my brain for various circumlocutions in conversation, especially since one of the main tasks of the evening was trying to sort out what faction everyone represented, since lots of people were being cagey.
Q: Who are you? What faction are you a member of?
A: The Red Court obviously deserves to have a representative at this meeting. I am Mr. Serene.
Q: Ah! What position do you hold in the Red Court?
A: I would rather not answer that.
Juggling the truth and watching people swallow it gave me profound insight into why fairies enjoy dicking with people so much.
Apart from an attempt at trying to trick Marcone into visit 'my' Court, I didn't have too much to do... I had no particular brief to follow in the UN formation, but cast my votes as I imagine the faeries would like. So I was very pleased when another plot fell into my lap.
ian_tiberius guest starred as guy-staggering-in-and-dying-with-a-sword-run-through-him. I knew Ian well enough to know he wouldn't mind if I got a little physical and planted a foot on his thigh and drew out the sword. What I wasn't counting on was the sword being a bit on the sharp side, so if the dead body uttered the tiniest of whimpers, he should be forgiven.
Anyway, I had a MacGuffin, and a lot of people had a problem with that, but being on neutral ground they couldn't do jack shit about it except harass and threaten me on a regular basis. It looked like I was dead meat if I set foot outside the neutral ground, but fortunately, I ended the night by taking a step sideways into Faerie.
Or almost ended the night. I was followed by the representative from the Summer Court, and we pieced together our Shakespearean plight... twins separated after the death of our parents, and now divided by the vast gulf between Winter and Summer. A scene tender & awkward and complicated further by the MacGuffin, which no doubt poses a threat to my continued wellbeing.

Props to Dan the vampire-who-feeds-on-discord for providing plenty of same with his maddening propositions being put to the vote.
and to Bo for playing the politics, counting heads and votes, and putting together a coalition to vote ourselves seats on the super-UN and shaft the other factions. Suck it, vampires!
and to kellyfaerie - fun to finally play with her, though it's amusing that just about the only thing I know about her is her LJ handle... I wonder what faction kellyfaerie represents?
and a nod to elizabethr for threatening me most frequently.
And of course big applause for the GMs. It was, I think, quite a success.
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