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Wayback machine

Friday was Becca's office Xmas party, held at the Balboa Lounge at the Grafton hotel on Sunset. I'm starting to recognize more of her coworkers, but the dim lighting didn't help much. I think the plan was great. Rather than a sit-down dinner, waitresses wandered by every few minutes with appetizers. The chicken skewers were my favorite, I think. Like a 1950's businessman, I had a couple martinis, talked shop and then hit the road to go to Tapani and Monica's Christmas Party. Since we got there late it was in full swing. We brought a bottle of Burgundy to add to the wine tasting. Saw lots of people, chatted away, sampled the burgundies, which ranged from adequate to good, with nothing really outstanding in my opinion. French wine just doesn't do it for me, especially at the price.
Saturday was Ray and Cynthia's Grinch party. Saw many returnees from the previous night's party and a good mix of new ones. Ray was in rare form for his reading of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas", as the Grinch was clearly A Scotsgrinch. Colleency guest-starred as Cindy Lou Who. I was pretty tired by the time we left.
Sunday we did the final walkthrough of the house. Nothing unusual to report.
Monday the Eagles helped me win this week's football pool. Another $8 for me. I'm no longer in last place, but I'm still 2 points behind the guy that picks based on mascots.
Tuesday we got final and official word that the house is ours.
*gets back up*
Time to buy a refrigerator.
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