No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
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Tiny update on the holy water non-sprinkling incident

The story is still being primarily told by the lawyer for the ousted teachers, but:

"the atheist teacher never complained of holy water, but that’s not what my clients were told from the outset by the principal"
“The investigator told us the school district had nothing to do with my clients being removed from the classroom. He said it was done at the request of the Broward Sheriff’s Office’s Child Protective Investigations Section (CPIS).”

So apparently, the situation is actually a criminal investigation by CPS to determine if "teachers caused students “mental injury” by disparaging Haiti in a classroom".

The whole thing remains bizarre, but I sure wish I knew what actually happened. I guess my current informationless hypothesis is that the two teachers supported Pat Robertson's Haitian-Satanism connection, and some of the students are Haitian-American. Maybe the teachers' statements only implied the students were similarly hellbound -- maybe they directly stated the students were hellbound. Maybe they completely flipped out. I dunno.
Tags: education, news, religion

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