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You see? You see? Your stupid minds! Stupid! Stupid!

Some real-life racebending(*) from Arizona. (more linkage at pharyngula) It's truly flabbergasting. Here's a summary:

City mural is painted on school, and "features portraits of four children, with a Hispanic boy as the dominant figure."

Quoth the mural director: "We consistently, for two months, had people shouting racial slander from their cars," Wall said. "We had children painting with us, and here come these yells of (epithet for Blacks) and (epithet for Hispanics)."

"school Principal Jeff Lane pressed him to make the children's faces appear happier and brighter."

Happier and brighter.
Happier and brighter.

As far as I can tell, this means lighter, because they weren't asked to alter the contours of the face.

"City Councilman Steve Blair ... mistakenly complained that the most prominent child in the painting is African-American, saying: "To depict the biggest picture on the building as a Black person, I would have to ask the question: Why?"

Added rage-inducing detail. The children's images on the mural were drawn from photographs of students at the school. Sorry, son, you're not happy and bright enough for our school.

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