No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Toren made me do it

1. I am happiest when: I've just finished creating something
2. I feel lonely when: Rebecca is in Greece/India for weeks at a time. Generally, though, I find that I am good company for myself.
3. The ideal relationship would be: harmonious brains and bodies.
4. Favorite movie: Amadeus
5. Favorite author: H.P. Lovecraft has certainly had the greatest effect on my life.
6. What makes you cry: not much
7. Introvert or extrovert: Introvert
8. Do you think too much: all the time, pal, all the time
9. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be: Los Angeles. Or Italy. Or the Hotel Dolores Alba just outside Chichen Itza. Or an evil supervillain's lair.
10. A famous person you would like to meet: I'm blanking... um... George Carlin or Daniel Dennett or Doug Hofstadter.
11. Do you believe in organized religion: I do not believe in any religion.
12. Pro-life or pro-choice: pro-choice
13. Are you a vegetarian: no
14. Do you support the death penalty: no
15. Do angels or demons exist: no
16. What would you most like to be doing right now: Doing a little work, doing a little goofing off. Hurray for me -- I've succeeded!
17. Do you have any regrets: I regret telling Seth Putterman that I wasn't interested in being his research assistant. I should have just kept taking theory classes while becoming an experimentalist. Then I might now have both a Ph.D. and an actual job in physics.
18. Sex or love: it's not an either-or question.
19. Favorite coffee: Melitta. In addition to great coffee, they recently coined the term 'javapod'. I don't even care what it is -- the word itself is genius. Say it out loud -- javapod
20. Brand of cigarettes: Supersonic
21. Favorite scent: MMmmmmm.... pumpkin pie.... *drools*
22. What REALLY makes you mad: This
23. Favorite way to waste time: internet
26. What is your best quality: eh... nothing stands out; I'm just all-around 'nice'.
27. Are you currently in love/lust: yes
28. What's the craziest thing you have ever done: too many to choose from. Probably the greatest combination of crazy action and crazy thought process was during the summer after freshman year, when I ditched my temp job, 'stole' mom's car and drove to UCLA to visit Rebecca.
30. Any bad habits: lots
31. Do you find it hard to trust people: not really
32. Do you ever doubt yourself: infrequently
33. Last book you read: I've nearly finished reading the Lord of the Rings in German. It's been slow going, and there's a serious book-backlog behind it.
34. Last thing you bought for yourself: ha... a refrigerator and a washing machine. If that doesn't count as 'for myself', then... other than food... the science fiction issue of the Arkham Sampler on Ebay.
35. Bath or shower: shower
36. Favorite season: summer
37. Porn or erotica: I'm not sure how to classify this or this. [Edited to add: or THIS!]
38. What is your favorite flavor: Is pizza a flavor?
39. What is your favorite time of day: around midnight
40. Gold or silver: silver
41. What is the lamest pickup line someone has used on you: I'm a guy, so A) no one picks up on me B) if they did, I would be oblivious. That said, there was the drunk sorority girl who grabbed my ass in Westwood. That was pretty lame. Besides, I had Diddy Riese cookies; she had no chance.
42. Silk sheets or cotton: this time of year... electric blanket wins, hands down.
43. Any secret crushes: Don't make me expose my time-travelling crush on Myrna Loy.
44. Do you ever feel you are insane: I'm not insane! I'm not insane!!! It's the world that's insane!
45. Favorite style of music: classical, 'hard rock', techno, blues.
46. Favorite film genre: comedy
47. If you could be the opposite sex for one day, would you do it: as long as it's not that time of the month. Oh, and can I have Orlando Bloom dressed as Legolas, please?
48.What do you desire most in life: "The cosmos contains nothing of greater importance for the negligible atoms called human beings than the condition of being elegantly amused." --HP Lovecraft
49. Do you believe in destiny: no
50. Is world peace attainable: not in our lifetime
51. City or country: city
52. Are you more inclined to set short or long term goals for yourself?: both, really. I think finishing this quiz was more of a longterm goal than I expected.
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