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Evidently the COO of US Environmental Services, a subcontractor helping on the cleanup of the BP spill, is a former Klansman. Not only that, but he was convicted in 1981 for involvement in a bizarre and ill-considered plot to overthrow the Prime Minister of Dominica. What's that? The Dominican Republic, you say? No, Dominica, an island nation in the Caribbean, whose very existence escaped my fat self-absorbed American attention for 40 years. Well, not 40 years exactly, since Dominica qua nation has only existed since 1978.
As for Operation Red Dog (or, heh, Bayou of Pigs) -- "The entire plan failed and the ship hired to transport the men of Operation Red Dog never even made it off the dock as the FBI was tipped off. The self-titled mercenaries lacked any formal military experience and/or training..." But again, there are interesting links to David Duke, and one of the other convicted conspirators went on to found Stormfront.
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