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This article about a Kentucky town with a very high rate of obesity is not as interesting as I hoped. But I loved that before the slideshow loaded, I was treated to an ad from Olive Garden! Home of the Never Ending Pasta Bowl!

Egyptian lawyers want to ban an anti-Islamic work of literature. "We understand that this kind of literature is acceptable in the West, but here we have a different culture and different religion." What a difference 1000 years makes.

And here's a great in-depth (if a wee bit biased) look at the Military Religious Freedom Foundation:
Since Mikey's very public fight began half a decade ago, the family has had to take increasingly extreme security precautions, as people left dead animals on their lawn, shot projectiles into their home, and drew crucifixes and swastikas on the side of their house. The family has two attack-trained German Shepherds, referred to as "the girls," that patrol their property with a third one on the way.
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