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sour grapes and other botanicals from pharyngula

The Institute for Creation Research relocated to Texas some years back, and fought to get the approval to award graduate degrees. Texas, to its credit, said no [California, to its shame, said yes (for the most part (and now the CA state body that provided such approval doesn't even exist))]. The ICR sued Texas, and lost.
But having lost its fight to get approval and accreditation, the ICR has changed its tune:

Due to the nature of ICR’s School of Biblical Apologetics—a predominantly religious education school—it is exempt from licensing by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Likewise, ICR’s School of Biblical Apologetics is legally exempt from being required to be accredited by any secular or ecumenical or other type of accrediting association.

That's plenty of spin, but what it amounts to is, "I bet that approval is sour anyway. Besides, because this isn't a real degree, we don't need accreditation."

And now, Alonsoa unilabiata, or the mask flower, or Cthulhu in a fetching pink bonnet:
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