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Masons and Astronomy

Okay, as usual I wanted to distract myself from doing any work, so I thought I would see what this internet thing could tell me about Masonic secret handshakes. You would think this might be a good place to start:
The Secret Handshake

Their Information helps explain what's up, but I think the Product page is more interesting. How could one resist the temptation of the Moons of Jupiter or a Foot Long Orbitor? Depending on how dedicated you are, you can even get Uranus in small, medium and large. But is it really such a good idea to put Uranus *there*?

Now, I know everyone loves a good Uranus joke, but Uranus is no laughing matter. It's important to study Uranus. Here's some helpful information about Uranus:

How wide is Uranus?
About 52,300 km.

How fast would a rocket have to go to escape Uranus?
21300 m/sec.

Are there rings around Uranus?
Uranus has a system of narrow, faint rings. Ring particles are dark, and could consist of rocky or carbonaceous material.

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