No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
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Crazy Connections

So the ELGL is planning a Lovecraftian LARP/scavenger hunt at the West Hollywood Book Fair. It should be right up my alley, but I'm feeling ambivalent about it. Anyway, I like books too, so I wanted to see what's going on at the fair. They don't seem to have settled on a schedule for 2010, but I pored over the 2009 program. And then I saw a name and a face... holy shit, that's Norman. Twenty years ago, Dr. Pookie (she wasn't even Bachelor Pookie yet) and I rented a room in his apartment on Ophir. Norman was working on his student film project at UCLA. Oh, the stories I could tell. We knew his father had passed away, but he got regular letters from his father's law firm. I think we knew or assumed that he was getting money from a trust fund, because certainly Norman didn't have any visible means of support.
Anyway, cutting a long story short... Norman.

On February 19, 1979, he was in a plane crash with his father; his father's girlfriend, Sandra; and the pilot of a chartered Cessna. Sandra was 30. Norman's father was 43. Norman was 11. By the end of the 9-hour ordeal, Norman was the only survivor. He wrote about the tragedy in his 2009 bestseller Crazy For The Storm: A Memoir Of Survival.
Tags: book, film, la, larp, ucla

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