No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Will wonders never cease?

Apparently, a competent person at Comcast (one of eight, I understand) has restored the old accounts, deleted the fake-new account, and the webpages all seem to be up again and living. Yay.

Panther OS for Mac is also pretty neat, but I'm still getting used to it. iChat is cool, mainly because it's totally compatible with AIM, so it automatically sucked in my buddylist. I may have to tweak all the bells and whistles settings, though... I'm not sure I can deal with the little cutesy talk-bubbles. So far, I've only chatted with a repentant Aaron.
The only bad thing about OS X is that the chess program kicks my ass so badly it's not even funny. I know I'm not a very good chess player, but the damn program was making it look like child's play to whup me.

Despite the cold and the wind, Rebecca did some stripping outside the house yesterday. Paint-stripping, that is. She had a choice between two heavy-duty products for doing this: one includes a known carcinogen, while the other is prone to explosive combustion. She voted for the high explosive, and I agree. She took umpteen layers of paint off the mail slot, so you can now see that it's actually made of brass. A little polishing and it'll be good as new.

I gave her a tiny amount of help with dinner, as well. She prepared some Albondigas En Salsa Chipotle, and I helped out a bit with making the meatballs. It was good stuff, but somehow not quite as exotic and spicy as we had hoped, I think. Later, we cracked open the cognac, and it's definitely some fine fiery stuff for a winter evening.
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