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Journal of No. 118

September 4th, 2010

Protected by God and an Atheist @ 08:26 am

Interesting WSJ article about a Navy chaplain in Afghanistan and his atheist assistant, who is there not as an embryo parson, but to keep the chaplain safe. Unfortunately, the chaplain seems to be bucking to be the second chaplain to die in Afghanistan.
During a pause to allow the minesweepers to check for booby-traps on the path ahead, the chaplain, wearing his prescription eyeglasses instead of anti-shrapnel goggles, sat down on the bank of an irrigation ditch, dropped his backpack on the ground and snapped a few pictures. RP2 Chute grimaced when he noticed. Insurgents have seeded the entire town with powerful explosives, and Marines step in the exact footprints of the man ahead to minimize the risk.

Lt. Moran says he follows the Marines' safety instruction and wears a helmet, despite his confidence in the divine. But the way he glides blithely through battle is a constant source of worry for his assistant.

"All my training and experience doesn't always help when the man I'm protecting isn't afraid of being hurt," says RP2 Chute.
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Journal of No. 118