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Some of you may have already heard about this, but I (and a couple partners) are going to launch a tutoring company sometime in the near future. We'll be hiring tutors to go to people's homes and tutor their kids. [We’re not hiring just yet, but if you’re interested in that, hold onto that thought for a while longer.]

Currently, we're working on a website, and we'd like to have a few photos on the website of happy students learning from cheerful tutors. I'm thinking about having a little photoshoot at my house this Saturday, maybe 10AM-2PMish, but I need some people to take pictures of.

Some of you 20-ish year olds would be very welcome, if you wouldn’t mind having your face on the web. Next to me, you would look like a student, eagerly learning to master the SAT. Next to Glenn’s 7-year old, you would look like a tutor imparting important knowledge about how to count to ten.

Please let me know if you’re at all interested, and whether you think you might be able to drag along any other photogenic youngsters. You wouldn’t have to stay the whole time – just long enough to get a few different shots. I’ll have pizza and beer/soda on hand. If we wind up using you on the website, I'll even pay you a buck or two.

Any NDA girls who still have unburnt uniforms get bonus points for wearing them.

If I get enough positive responses, I’ll let everyone know what the final plans are.

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