No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Drive by entry

My friend Shawn's car has been all-freaking-over the internet recently. Opinions range from 'L0Z3R' to 'Awesome' to 'his wife has nice tits'. Veep Cheney even stopped to admire his car when he was in town, and there'll be photos of Shawn and his car in the March Wired.

Some jerk almost ran me over today. I walk pretty briskly, and he thought he was gonna make that left in front of me. I walked fast, and he turned anyway. I walked faster to let him get behind me, and he turned even more sharply, like right in to me. Jerk. I sorta jumped out of his way, and he stopped and waved me magnanifuckingmously through. Bastard. If my heart hadn't been pumping so fast, I woulda... I woulda... scolded him harshly. Yeah, that's what.

When I was getting my haircut, there was a baby sitting in the lap of the owner. The baby had a helium balloon in her hand and all she wanted to do was pump her hand up and down rapidly making the balloon bounce. She got it into this funky rhythm where the balloon bounced off her face after every down-pump. It was great.

I have characters for the game tomorrow. Now I just need some adventure. The plot-skeleton is right here in my noodle, but it does no good to anyone in my head. Write it down. Write It Down!

Gonna go buy a dryer.

And eat something.


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