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Lovecraftian Limericks

Are Lovecraft's stories too long to read?
Are the words too strange and difficult?

The Eldritch Quintuplets provides the solution: the complete fictional works of HP Lovecraft, rewritten as limericks.

There was a Mad Arab who said
That Cthulhu, though dreaming, is dead,
But some future night
When the stars become right,
He'll abandon his watery bed.

You heard right. Each of Lovecraft's stories is lovingly summarized in limerick form. 56 of them. The Eldritch Quintuplets are written by R.A. Strong and me (with a little art by R.A. Strong) and have been published by the Elegantly Amused Press in two editions: a regular edition, and a special edition signed by the authors and including a limerick written specifically for anyone eldritch enough to buy the special edition.

The booklets are not yet for general sale, but the very first copy of the special edition is currently on auction at Ebay

After the auction is over, I'll start accepting orders for The Eldritch Quintuplets.

"The cosmos contains nothing of greater importance for the negligible atoms called human beings than the condition of being elegantly amused."

HP Lovecraft, letter to Elizabeth Toldridge 9/3/29-
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