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Journal of No. 118

October 27th, 2010

Pico Drive-in @ 09:37 am

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The AAA magazine has a nice photo of the Pico Drive-In, the first drive-in in California, which opened in September 1934 with Will Rogers in "Handy Andy". It was located at Pico/Westwood, i.e. where the Westside Pavilion is now. Hard to imagine, though you can still see films there.

Here's a nice flyer from 1935. The drive-in later moved to Olympic & Bundy -- again a little hard to imagine -- suitably changing its name to the Olympic Drive-In, where it lasted until 1973.

The last films shown were an excellent collection of 1970s German cinema: Schoolgirls, Schoolgirls Growing Up, and Swinging Wives.

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Journal of No. 118